Photo by Andrea Young

Photo by Andrea Young

I’m stoked you’re here! My name is Corrinne Theodoru. I work as a photographer and brand strategy consultant, and I’m an overachieving, organizational nerd. Some other life experiences? I was an avid street skateboarder for 13 years and have folded community organizing into most of my adult life.

I grew up an only child on the lands of the Potawatomi people in Michigan, where climbing trees and shoveling snow were on the daily. At the age of 15, I knew film making and photography were my path. That year, my mom gave me her old Canon AE1 and my dad bought me a used hi-8 camcorder. With their support and an only child’s imagination, I was on my way.

It was also in Michigan where I received my technical training as a dancer and pursued dance in my early college years. After 3 years at Western Michigan University, I transferred to film school at Columbia College of Chicago, where I focused my efforts on editing and cinematography.

In 2004, I drove my Isuzu truck across the country to start anew on the lands of the Chinook people in Portland, Oregon. Building on my experiences in Chicago, I created a diverse film career for myself here as an editor, script supervisor and documentary cinematographer. And working on commercials, episodic television, and indie films gave me incredible insight into the power -and failure- of storytelling, marketing and creative collaboration.

My bridge to branding, tho, post-film industry? A most random job at local healing center, where I was put in charge of many things. From creating a strong social media presence to managing 12 practioners, it was here that a myriad of dormant skills came to life. Oh yeah, and my boo is a wizard at design. That’s helped too…

Thank you for reading my story and I look forward to knowing yours.