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Systems, structure and continuity are familiar friends
of mine.

Working as an editor and script supervisor, it was my job to maintain continuity throughout the story building process.
The catch? There was no way I could track a 150 page script
or 300 hours worth of documentary footage without an organizational system and an eye for detail. Without creating
a framework to manage the elements, it’s hard to make an engaging movie. The same goes for the branding process!


My Approach

Getting to the heart of the matter is my superpower,
which means I help my clients clarify their priorities
and build a brand they’re proud of.

Accomplishment and effectiveness are my goals
for our work together.

I’m excited by new ideas and possibilities.
I want you to be too.

Brand Strategy banner_Peach.png

My Process

INQUIRY: Questions, questions, and a few more questions!
It’s my job to get an understanding of your current business
and branding practices.

IN-DEPTH REVIEW: I do a deep dive into your materials, finding consistencies, inconsistencies, strengths and missing pieces.

HOMEWORK: I offer branding homework assignments based on my review and your goals.

PRIVATE CLIENT PORTAL: All of our work is housed in a private and personalized customer relationship management system.


Photos by Andrea Young

Photos by Andrea Young

Are you in the process of branding or rebranding and want a second set of eyes on your work?
Perhaps you’re simply need help refocusing. In this one hour date, we’ll get real about the
current status of your brand.

Your website and any social media accounts will be reviewed prior to our meeting, and
you’ll be able to ask me anything during our date. Notes and potential homework will be
emailed to you afterwards. Get ready to receive a fresh perspective and walk away inspired
to take your next steps!

Topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Website design and copy continuity

  • Creating daily structure

  • Content creation

  • Establishing brand priorities

TIME: 1hour with option to add a second hour
RATE: $200 hr