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Systems, structure and continuity are familiar friends of mine.

Working as an editor and script supervisor, it was my job to maintain continuity throughout the story building process. The catch? There was no way I could track a 150 page script or 300 hours worth of documentary footage without an organizational system. Without creating a framework to manage the elements, it’s hard to make an engaging movie. The same goes for the branding process!


So, what exactly does Strategy
mean for you?

Okay. Does any of the following sound familiar?
You’re ready for a rebrand but have no idea where to start · You’ve lost the passion for your content but don’t want to give up · Your branding is a mess and you are scrambling to get it together · You cut corners building your website and now it’s come back to haunt you · You never made a business plan and have no idea why you need one · You are ready to start your branding and don’t want to do it alone ·

These are real examples from clients I’ve worked with. And the list could go on! But, what if it is actually possible to move beyond the fear and confusion of branding? What if you had a step-by-step, customized workflow that builds upon itself? One that brings excitement back into your process, teaches you the value of your voice and has room for adjustments? All making accomplishment feel like a new friend…



· Everyone has a vision and desire to grow

· You already know what you want

· Branding is a process

· Structure and organization create clarity


  • Getting to the heart of the matter is my superpower, which means I help my clients clarify their priorities and build a brand they’re proud of.

  • I utilize my organization and system building skill sets, documentary storytelling techniques, and intuition to build a strategy specific to you and your goals.

  • Accomplishment and effectiveness are my goals for our work together.

  • I value honest communication, using a compass of integrity, respect and great listening skills.

  • Accountability is the name of this game. I can hold you accountable all day, but true progress is made when you choose to do the work.

  • Creating boundaries in business. Creating a work - life balance. These are real.

  • I’m excited by new ideas and possibilities. I want you to be too.


  • INQUIRY: Questions, questions, and a few more questions! It’s my job to get a deep understanding of the stage of your business and your current branding practices.

  • IN-DEPTH REVIEW: Through a process I call an In-Depth Review, I do a deep dive into your entire online presence, website content and any additional material you may have (business plans included). I find consistencies, inconsistencies, strengths and missing pieces…the small details that so often get overlooked.

  • CUSTOMIZED STRATEGY: Based on your brand’s current status and what I find in your Review, I create a customized map of assignments that build upon themselves and help generate content. Your strategy (or game plan if your prefer that phrase) includes monthly checklists that categorize your next steps.

  • HOMEWORK: I include homework in all of my game plans. Homework includes branding worksheets, writing prompts, content creation assignments, design research, time management techniques and other tasks based on what you want to achieve. We’re here to uncover the good stuff.

  • COMMUNICATION: Receive weekly email check-ins and monthly in-person meetings.

  • PRIVATE CLIENT PORTAL: All of our work together is housed in a private and personalized customer relationship management system.


Brand Strategy banner_Peach.png

Wherever you are in your branding process,
we'll peel back the layers of overwhelm
and get to the heart of the matter.

Together, we’ll build a brand you’re proud of. Are you ready?




Photos by Andrea Young

Photos by Andrea Young


In this one hour date, ask me anything about your brand. Get a fresh perspective and walk away inspired
to take your next steps! Notes from our meeting will be emailed to you.

Topics can include but are not limited to:

  • Website and logo design

  • Continuity of your online imagery

  • Creating daily structure

  • Boundaries with clients

  • Content creation and social media

  • Outreach strategies

TIME: 1 - 2 hours
RATE: $85hr




Are you in the process of branding or rebranding, and want a second set of eyes on your work?
Perhaps you’re feeling stuck and need help refocusing. If so, this package was created for folks like you.
I want to help you eliminate the guesswork and prioritize where to go next!

This package includes:

  • Personalized introductory questionnaire

  • Private Client Portal to house our work (contract, emails, homework, invoices)

  • In-Depth Review of online presence (website, social, google, yelp, newsletter, etc) and other materials

  • Detailed review notes and game plan

  • Appropriate homework assignments

  • Next Steps checklist to accomplish on your own

  • In-Person meeting to review feedback and discuss next steps

  • Follow up check-in via email

TIME: 6 working hours, 1 meeting hour
RATE: $525 Flat Rate / $150 deposit required




This is a customized deep-dive package based on your business and branding needs. This package requires a longer time commitment and an intentional investment in the work. Discoveries will be made and creative sparks will fly!

This package includes:

  • Personalized questionnaire and in-person introductory meeting

  • Private Client Portal to house our work (contract, emails, homework, invoices)

  • In-Depth Review of online presence (website, social, google, yelp, etc) and other materials

  • Detailed review notes and a deep-dive strategy plan

  • Monthly next steps checklists

  • Weekly email check-ins

  • Monthly in-person meeting to discuss all the things

  • Appropriate homework adjustments based on your progress and insights

  • Optional branding photo shoot to reflect your new look

  • NOTE: The up-level process takes 3 months or more to complete. The progress of this work is based upon the timeliness of communication, completion of homework, and consistency of financial payments. This work is dependent upon your intention, personal commitment level and time investment. I am not your babysitter, but I will hold you accountable to get the stuff done.

TIME: TBD based on your needs and commitment level
RATE: $75hr / $200 deposit required /payment plan available