Thank You…


Stephen Higgins
Licensed Acupuncturist
Mindfulness Counselor

Corrinne is Thoughtful and Rad. She helped me to tap into how my highest self would communicate my real work to the world. This is mindfulness branding.

Sara Bowes
Licensed Acupuncturist

Corrinne has been revolutionary for my business and my personal sense of well-being. Over several months of working together on brand strategy, I have made changes to the structure of my business, my medical practice, and my brand that are more aligned with who I am and where I really want to be funneling my energy and resources. I wouldn’t have made these changes so swiftly (or at all!) if it weren’t for Corrinne’s keen assessment and kind direction. I trust her eye on my business, my workflow, my website, all of it.

Her photography is masterful, and she made me feel like a million bucks during the photo shoot. Super bonus is that she’s really fun to work with and has a contagious, positive energy. Highly recommend!

She knows a ton about branding and is able to weave that into the image creation so it uplevel’s your biz all across the board. Plus she is just like electric to work with - so fun! I feel so pumped when we work together!

These photographs have given me a way to communicate and tell the stories of my art studio. I've also been able to batch and plan my social media weeks in advance because I have a stockpile of excellent, cohesive images from my work with Corrinne. I load all my images into the social media scheduler and then pair them with my writing to create weeks of content at a time. It's been a game changer.'

Dara Hawkins - Hodgson

Corrinne is whip-smart and has a unique perspective on business and society. She's also creative and has vision.
She can draw out a brand's story, values, and aesthetic. She also is super aware of the world around her. This makes her fantastic at identifying trends, noticing details, and generally knowing what's up in various industries.

One of Corrinne's offerings is a "market analysis." I learned SO MUCH from doing that exercise alongside her… absolutely exceeded my expectations to feel so strongly that what I want to do is POSSIBLE and create a clear vision for it….Corrinne taught me that branding can be art and can be authentic. It can have value and create connection in itself.

Brittany Parriett
Model, Singer

Corrinne's energy is very positive and she has a very nurturing demeanor! Her willingness to get content that you're happy with is reason enough {to work with her}. Besides her being a total bad ass, amazing human being!

Susan Lehman
Infant and Child Intuitive and
Spiritual Counselor

Corrinne is unique and extraordinary in the way she sees the person you really are and could be. She helps you believe in yourself in ways you never dreamed of before. Everyone loves my photos and are so impressed - and people who know me well say she really captured the essence of who I am. My new clients even say they were drawn to me because of my photos!

Daren Todd

Corrine made me feel AMAZINGLY comfortable. She is a natural at bringing out the daring side and doesn’t make you feel judged or inspected. The pictures she captured are some of the best I’ve ever taken and I honestly use our session as a standard for how a good model/photographer relationship should feel. Corrinne’s images have been used all over
{our label’s} social media platforms. We also used one of the images as an album cover -- it was just so good.

Esther Yan
Licensed Massage Therapist

I appreciate that Corrinne is detail oriented! She sent me an email with all the info I would need before we met up that included all the things, many of which I would not have thought about….Corrinne was great at sharing her ideas, and asking for and then listening to, my ideas to create photos that were more personalized to my needs.

In addition to beautiful photos, she is really easy to get along with and amps you up. I feel like her energy stays with you
for a while and keeps you motivated to enhance your business.

Corrinne's photos gave us a clear and finished look at a concept for our film's key art, with the fastest turnaround of any artist I've ever worked with, ever. She has passion, experience, and hype!

Nick Kelso
Impact Producer for the film
Is Your Story Making You Sick?