Hello and Welcome!
My name is Corrinne.

I'm a photographer and filmmaker…

and I grew up in the beautiful state of Michigan, attended film school in Chicago, and I truly, truly, love shoveling snow! Most days you can find me enjoying a strong cup of French press coffee, practicing pirouettes in my living room and tending to my courtyard garden.

15 years of working as a film editor, script supervisor and documentary cinematographer inspires my photography, and when I see you through my lens, I can't help but to see your story.

There's something magical that happens when I pick up a camera and witness you being you.  It's that energy that emerges and expands and can't always be explained, but can totally be seen.


Portrait & Branding Sessions

My photo shoots are customized to reveal your most rad self and to highlight your artistry and unique vision.

I work with creatives of all stripes - solopreneurs and small biz owners, makers and crafters, fellow dancers and musicians, wellness practitioners and more!

When I’m behind the lens you'll find that I love to encourage laughter, spontaneity, and a little bit of spazzing, all allowing space for your true self and talent to shine through.